Names of Numbers III Thomas Braida Names of Numbers is a series of monographic books of drawings by artists, intellectuals, scientists and people devoted to various other activities, curated by Carola Bonfili and Valerio Mannucci. The series’ aim is to consider drawing as a common language, often complementary or parallel to other forms of artistic or intellectual production. Each book presents 30 tables by a single author. The flexible nature of drawing, and its ability to manifest the representational capacity of the imagination, lead its uses to assume a variety of different forms: the drawings collected in this series alternately appear like diaries, studies, drafts, syntheses, memories, or even, simply, expressions of leisurely interest. This third volume is dedicated to the work of Thomas Braida (1982). Born in Gorizia, Italy, Braida now lives and works in Venice. Though his preferred medium is painting, his works do not remain confined within the limits of the canvas but expand onto objects, furniture and architecture, often evolving into installations and sculptures. This book collects 30 sketches taken from his personal notebooks, all of which investigate ideas and images that lie at the source of his final works. ISBN: 978-88-97503-28-6 Format: 24 x 33,5 cm Pages: 60 (30 tables) Language: English Edition of 200 copies Year: 2013 A project by: Carola Bonfili and Valerio Mannucci Design and type-setting: Francesco de Figueiredo Published by NERO



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