Statement: about my words.

Being influenced by the territory and by the people I meet has been a strength and help for my work.
I have always worked closely with many artists, first during the academy in an atelier where group work was the basis of our professor’s methodology, and then as a member and president of an artistic collective called Fondazione Malutta (about 50 artists).
It is essential for me to build together, to try to get out of ourselves, from our ego, to give life to something collective; it is a very healthy exercise for an artist.

I use the form of artistic expression as a key to access a different world, a personal story that tries to touch everyone’s chords.

In my work there is a strong sense of the image: incorporating reality, turning it upside down, feeding it with quotes, irony, the unlikely, mythology, and a bit of pop culture. Even when I focus on irony, I do it very seriously. There’s an urgency to re-imagine the real. The outside\ external sparks my imagination that then degenerates into painting. What is in front of me is never enough: I always pimp reality, making it more appetizing. 

Through ‘simplification’, I seek a more direct way of communication with myself and with the outside world, starting from a very powerful and noble intent. Always and in any case to make it an ‘act of love’.

My mission as a painter is, in essence, to simply care about painting.

All the images do not belong to me, they are just stolen suggestions.